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О нашем радио

Выход «Радио Приднестровья» в большой эфир всколыхнул коллег-журналистов из разных стран мира. По визитным карточкам приезжавших можно было изучать географию не только Европы, но и других континентов: Франция, Германия, Италия, Швеция, Англия, Греция, Израиль и даже Австралия.

Всех заинтересовала проблема Приднестровья. Их уже не удовлетворяло одностороннее (кишиневское) объяснение возникшей проблемы.

Журналисты искали встреч с государственными и общественными деятелями республики. И, конечно, зарубежных журналистов интересовало, как работают их коллеги на приднестровском радио, удостоенном глушения со стороны противника. (Этим, кстати, в свое время весьма гордились «Голос Америки» и «Радио Свобода»).

Опыт общения с иностранными журналистами в начале 1990-х подсказал необходимость создания на «Радио Приднестровья», помимо редакций вещания на официальных языках государства - русском, украинском и молдавском, редакции вещания на иностранных языках.

В настоящее время вещание государственного радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики осуществляется на 6-ти языках:

- в FM-диапазоне - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках;

- в СВ-диапазоне - на русском языке;

- в КВ-диапазоне - на русском, английском, немецком и французском языках;

- on-line трансляция в Интернете - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках.

В редакцию "Радио Приднестровья" приходят письма от слушателей из самых разных уголков мира: от наших ближайших соседей - Украины, Молдовы, Белоруссии и России - до таких отдаленных стран, как Великобритания, США, Канада, Япония, Австралия, Новая Зеландия, Китай, Бразилия, Венесуэла, Чили, Мексика, Индия, Нигерия, Алжир и др. Всего (на сегодняшний день) из 45-и стран мира.

Коллектив радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики благодарен всем своим слушателям за внимание и отзывы о нашей работе.

Слушайте "Радио Приднестровья" - мы работаем для Вас!

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News from Pridnestrovie


Russia speaks of Pridnestrovie, the EU and the U.S. decide for Ukraine, and Romania - for Moldova.

Dmitry Rogozin, speaking to the State Duma, told about the support rendered by Russia to Pridnestrovie. Vladimir Putin read his annual message to the Federal Assembly, which outlined the priorities of Russian foreign and domestic policy. Ukraine remains the center of Europe and even the world's attention.

Statement by Dmitry Rogozin in the Duma was devoted to the military-industrial complex and defense. Deputy chairman of the Russian government in a manner peculiar to himself made a number of high-profile statements. In particular, he warned potential aggressors that, if necessary, Russia will take advantage of her nuclear arsenal without hesitation. Pridnestrovie's issue was raised by Roman Khudyakov. According to him, Moldova's initialling of the Association Agreement with the European Union and the recognition of Moldavian language as Romanian requires Russian response.

"In light of the anti-Russian policy pursued by Moldova, should not we finally recognize Pridnestrovie and promote its gradual entry into the Russian Federation?" asked Roman Khudyakov.

Dmitry Rogozin acknowledged that this issue today is really very urgent. The actions of the Moldavian authorities could harm not only their country, but also to undermine the economy of Pridnestrovie. The Russian politician assured that Moscow will not leave Tiraspol without the support, recalling the recent signing of the protocol "Rogozin Shevchuk," and that Russia will continue to support Pridnestrovie through ANO "Eurasian integration." These questions are on the constant control of President Vladimir Putin.

In his annual message Vladimir Putin has dwelt on the subject of Russia's positioning in the international arena. He said that today Russia does not claim to be the superpower, but will be active in defending her interests.

U.S. missile defense system is a serious challenge for Russia. According to the president, its deployment may lead to an imbalance of power in the world. However, Russia is ready to respond to these challenges, Putin said.

Eurasian integration is one of the main priorities. Putin said that an agreement on the Eurasian Union will be ready by May next year. Today, cooperation between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan is constructed within the customs union, which will soon by joined by Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

The doors open for Ukraine. "We do not impose anything. But if our friends have a desire to work together, we are ready to continue this work at expert level," said Vladimir Putin.

The relations with the Customs Union are on the agenda in Kiev. At the meeting, the current Ukrainian authorities and the opposition, Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov had once again explained why it was decided to suspend the process of signing an association agreement with the EU. So, in September, the three countries of the Customs Union decided: in the case of signing a free trade zone with the EU Ukraine will immediately lose benefits in the area of free trade with the Customs Union. The result is Ukraine increases the deficit to around 8 billion.

The European question continues to haunt Moldova. For the fourth time this year, the Communist Party has initiated no-confidence vote to oust the government. PCRM representatives accused the prime minister of abuse of office in initialing the agreement with the European Union and demanded the resignation of the government.

Moldavian Prime Minister Leanca quoted an excerpt from a speech by Vladimir Voronin in 2007: "to move away from the European choice is to remain forever in the past." We are guided by your precepts, Vladimir Nikolaevich, said Yuri Leanca.

Moldova's European "successes" are closely followed in Moscow. According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the Moldavian economy may simply not survive the upcoming tests.

According to the deputy chairman of the Russian Government, thousands of Moldavian labor migrants are working in Russia, ie thereby voting for the Russian Federation, the Customs Union and the Eurasian integration. However, the Moldavian elite somehow solves the issues in Brussels.

Forthcoming association with the European Union has led Ukraine to the next deepest political crisis. Will Moldova manage to make the same way without such serious consequences, time will tell.


The Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Eurasian integration" in Pridnestrovie held the final press conference.

The main outcome of the organization for the year 2013, according to director Alexander Argunov, is that Pridnestrovians believe that Russia is not indifferent to the future of more than 200,000 of its citizens living on the territory of the republic."

This summer, the country began construction of 12 social facilities, among them are institutions of general and pre-school education, health care. They plan to put them into operation in autumn and by the end of 2014.

Medical facilities of Pridnestrovie were donated reanimation vehicles, Pridnestrovian State University undergone computer modernization, and two groups of the Pridnestrovian doctors undergone advanced training in the leading Russian medical and health care institutions.

The confirmation of the fact that Russia came in Pridnestrovie for keeps is the direction of the projects. They are part of Russia's state policy. The fact that projects are mainly aimed at the development of the social sphere and medicine is testified by the fact that Pridnestrovie has a future and perspective. As they reported at the press conference, the activity of ANO "Eurasian integration" will be continued next year. At the request of the Ministry of Health they are going purchase a modern ultrasound machine for the Republican Clinical Hospital, and together with the Government, to work out the main directions of the II-nd phase of the program. It will include education, health, economy and others.


Folklore group of Moldavian folk song "Busuioc Moldovenesc" celebrates anniversary - 25 years on stage. Its repertoire is very diverse and multi-lingual.

Director of the ensemble Raisa Nistor recollects that the team got together nobody thought that everything would go so far. Numerous festivals, victories at various competitions. And these are unprofessional musicians.

Exactly 25 years ago, the women who sing, gathered in order to please the audience as well as themselves with folk songs. To date, the ensemble 's repertoire is not limited to the Moldavian music. They perform Ukrainian songs and Russian melodies.

Children's ensemble "Selchioare" is a kind of satellite of "Busuioc." According to the young artists, for them it is a great fun to perform on stage. The younger generation is ready to continue the tradition of the ensemble. So, the musical collective "Busuioc Modovenesk" will delight its audience for many years.


Last weekend in Tiraspol at the Palace of the Republic the Pridnestrovian band «SunStroke Project» gave a concert as a wonderful gift for all Tiraspolians and guests.

«Sunstroke Project» is a symbiosis of a violin, saxophone, live vocals and trendy house music. The project already has to his credit several official remakes of international hits and their own singles who are leading the charts in Europe.

In 2010, the band, together with Olga Tira participated in the final of "Eurovision", which was held in Norway.

Initially, the team included violinist Anton Ragoza and saxophonist Sergey Stepanov, who met while serving in the army. The band name came about thanks to a curious situation when Anton and Sergey served in the army (the Military Band) and went to work in the field, Anton got sunstroke. In the end, they decided to name their band "Sunstroke Project".

From 2008 to 2009 the team's singer was another participant in the final of "Eurovision" Pavel Parfeny. After Pasha Parfeny left the band, casting was announced, through which the group has acquired a new vocalist Sergey Yalovitsky.


Also on the weekend Odessa group «ZE-COOL TRIO» performed in Tiraspol. The repertoire includes their own songs and experiments in improvisations on songs by other artists. Anyone who managed to befriend «Slayer» and Madonna, pay tribute to Leonid Utesov and acoustically tame «DUB FX», is ready to continue to surprise and delight one with new discoveries, speak the teamsters about themselves.

The team leader Andrey Zikul from Tiraspol said that he first picked up the guitar at the end of second year in college. He has no classical music education. In 1990 there was the first concert.

The artist stressed that utter mutual understanding reigns in the band «ZE-COOL TRIO». The musicians manage to combine creativity with personal life. So, for example, Andrey Zikul is the father of two children. He has a 10 -year-old son and a daughter, who is three and a half years old.


The Pridnestrovian town of Slobodzeya commemorated Nikolay Ostapenko, who was tragically killed during the armed conflict between Moldova and Pridnestrovie in 1992.

At the rally the townspeople commemorated the prominent political figure, member of the Supreme Soviet of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, chairman of the district council of Slobodzeya.

On Sunday, he would have turned 60 years old. Nikolay Ostapenko's life ended tragically on April 30, 1992. He became the victim of the terrorist group "Buzhor." Nikolai Ostapenko was murdered. Years later, his relatives, friends, and acquaintances gather to remember the good man. Those present observed a minute of silence, laid flowers at the foot of the obelisk on the site of the tragedy. Commemorative events continued in the capital and the Memorial of Glory, where Nikolai Ostapenko was buried.

He was a man of words and deeds. Open, honest, attentive, fair, those who knew him personally say about Nikolai Ivanovich.


Dubossary hosted the XXI International tournament in Greco-Roman and Trynta wrestling dedicated to the memory of the first Ataman of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Panteley Sazonov.

The day before the Day of revival of the Black Sea Cossack troops, the Cathedral of All Saints in Dubossary hosted a prayer, after which the rural Cossacks proceeded to the venue of the annual tournament.

The panel of the tournament judges included two masters of sports of the USSR, known Dubossary wrestlers Alexander Kalinkin and Valery Dzyubas, coach and teacher in Greco-Roman wrestling, Sergei Ivanov, as well as coach and teacher in wrestling, methodist of the Dubossary school of wrestling and boxing Alexander Iov.

After the flag-raising ceremony, the head of the city and district State Administration Fedor Kovalev addressed to the present with welcoming remarks, wishing them good health, success on the wrestling mat and brilliant victories for the glory of our country.

Chairman of the Board of the Elders of the Black Sea Cossack Host Cossack captain Alexander Kalinkin on behalf of Ataman Igor Nebeygolova was awarded the highest award of the Black Sea Cossack troops of the Union of Cossacks of Russia - the Order "Cossack Glory of the first degree." Alexander Kalinkin recently turned 70 years old. For 21 years now, he has been annually assisting in the holding of this memorable event as part of the judging committee.

According to Alexander of Iov , the tournament attracted a large number of young people. It is planned that the tournament will be held several times a year.

The champion title in the national wrestling of trynta was awarded to a permanent participant of the tournament Ratmir Budurlan, the pupil of children's and youth school of wrestling and boxing.


Tiraspol hosted a tournament in memory of Anatoly Horosanov. This is one of the largest youth tournaments in memory of the honored coach of the MSSR whose efforts created the material basis for the development of handball in Tiraspol. At this time he collected nine teams from Pridnestrovie, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

Tiraspolians passed the entire tournament without defeat. Nevertheless, until the last match between the winners of two subgroups "Arkatron" from Minsk and "Sports School-1" of Tiraspol, the final distribution of seats in the triumvirate remained a mystery.

The competition's intensity was severe. Tiraspol team overcome "Arkatron" with the score 15:5 in the first half and in the second half managed to keep sufficient distance for a quiet ending - 27:16.

"We passed the whole tournament unbeaten, the defense guys have improved very much. We are very pleased that our boys played at a very high level - the gap in 10 goals is a good indicator nowadays. And they were physically stronger," says the coach of the Tiraspol handball team Kovalchuk.

We have something to rejoice. The level of the participants of this tournament is so high that the Tiraspolians who partake in the Harasanov Memorial Tournament for the sixth consecutive year, have not yet won the first place. Incidentally, the team will delegated five Tiraspolians born in 1998 to the national team of Moldova to participate in the European Junior Championships, which will be held in Sweden in January 2014.