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О нашем радио

Выход «Радио Приднестровья» в большой эфир всколыхнул коллег-журналистов из разных стран мира. По визитным карточкам приезжавших можно было изучать географию не только Европы, но и других континентов: Франция, Германия, Италия, Швеция, Англия, Греция, Израиль и даже Австралия.

Всех заинтересовала проблема Приднестровья. Их уже не удовлетворяло одностороннее (кишиневское) объяснение возникшей проблемы.

Журналисты искали встреч с государственными и общественными деятелями республики. И, конечно, зарубежных журналистов интересовало, как работают их коллеги на приднестровском радио, удостоенном глушения со стороны противника. (Этим, кстати, в свое время весьма гордились «Голос Америки» и «Радио Свобода»).

Опыт общения с иностранными журналистами в начале 1990-х подсказал необходимость создания на «Радио Приднестровья», помимо редакций вещания на официальных языках государства - русском, украинском и молдавском, редакции вещания на иностранных языках.

В настоящее время вещание государственного радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики осуществляется на 6-ти языках:

- в FM-диапазоне - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках;

- в СВ-диапазоне - на русском языке;

- в КВ-диапазоне - на русском, английском, немецком и французском языках;

- on-line трансляция в Интернете - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках.

В редакцию "Радио Приднестровья" приходят письма от слушателей из самых разных уголков мира: от наших ближайших соседей - Украины, Молдовы, Белоруссии и России - до таких отдаленных стран, как Великобритания, США, Канада, Япония, Австралия, Новая Зеландия, Китай, Бразилия, Венесуэла, Чили, Мексика, Индия, Нигерия, Алжир и др. Всего (на сегодняшний день) из 45-и стран мира.

Коллектив радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики благодарен всем своим слушателям за внимание и отзывы о нашей работе.

Слушайте "Радио Приднестровья" - мы работаем для Вас!

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News from Pridnestrovie


Pridnestrovian and Russian delegations of the Joint Control Commission consider it necessary to monitor checkpoints in the security zone in Pridnestrovie.

At the meeting, they noted recent changes at checkpoints. Therefore one has to monitor checkpoints, consider the Pridnestrovian and Russian delegations. However, this position is not shared by their Moldavian colleagues.

The parties still intend to test the readiness of the checkpoints for the winter. On December 26 the delegation will visit the checkpoints. Oleg Belyakov said maybe by that time the issue with the ninth peacekeeping left checkpoint will be solved.

Oleg Belyakov, co-chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie says that "We hope very much that one will be able to install a new trailer terminal, where certain conditions are provided for duty servicemen. You know that for a sufficiently long period the Pridnestrovian side has been unable to do this solely because the Moldavian side prevents it."


Pridnestrovian ruble, despite the global economic crisis, remains stable.

Inflation shook the world economy over the first half of the year. Leaders in Europe were Greece, Italy, Belarus and the Netherlands. In July, it reached a new absolute maximum, exceeding the figure for April last year. One managed to reduce the rate of inflation only in late autumn. Pridnestrovie's economy is extremely dependent on global trends, however, our experts say: this year for the country has been stable, virtually no external factors have influenced the rate of the Pridnestrovian ruble. Now inflation in the country is much less than projected figure, and this has supported the stability of consumer prices.

According to Ministry of Economic Development forecasts inflation this year is expected at the level of 7-8%. However, the real figure is much lower - about twice.

Slowing inflation in all major segments of the consumer market has become one of the most notable trends in the economic situation in the current year.

According to the CBA, socially oriented price regulation of natural monopolies and monetary policy of keeping the ruble at the same level against the dollar, the euro, gryvnia and the Russian ruble has played a significant role. All this contributed to the fact that prices some goods and services were cheaper this year. Deflation has affected about one third of a standard consumer basket.

Almost the entire year not only the state but also the business have been fighting inflation. Market forces in Pridnestrovie have been complemented by administrative methods. One of the measures that has prevented prices rising has been organization of agricultural fairs. Manufacturers were able to sell their products directly to the inhabitants of towns and regions. Prices for such fairs were below market. Accordingly, dealers, to save buyers also could not inflate them. The measures taken have shown their effectiveness. This is the case when the joint work of state agencies and entrepreneurs gives visible results.


Prime Minister Tatiana Turanskaya signed a cooperation agreement with the plant "Moldavizolit." What are the opportunities for the enterprise and the expectations of both sides of this cooperation. The cooperation agreement ensures government support of the enterprise "Moldavizolit". From this point the plant will be developing and intensifying the production already with the assistance of the Government of the Republic.

"Moldavizolit" produces materials for printed circuit boards, wire insulation, as well as cardboard, glass and much more. In the 80s the company was a forerunner of the Soviet Union and an Eastern European market exporter. Nowadays, the plant production goes to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania et cetera. It employs more than five hundred people. Last year the plant paid in the state treasury more than 8 million in taxes.

Tatiana Turanskaya added, the Government will not only help the plant in its development. One of the main tasks is not just save jobs , but create new ones.


The Chamber of Commerce held its final meeting of Pridnestrovie organizing committee of the "Pridnestrovian quality - 2013", which takes place in the country for the 11th time .

This year, 44 enterprises have submitted to the contest samples of their products. In nine nominations there cmpete 225 different kinds of goods and services under the brands of domestic producers.

The known large industrial enterprises as "Tirotex," shoe factories "Floare" and "Tighina" annually participate in the competition. There are more participants from small and medium-sized businesses.

Leader in the number of participants is traditionally Tiraspol - 25 companies. Bendery takes the second place -with 12 subjects enterprises, Dubossary's 4 producers took the third place. The greatest competition is among the enterprises of the food industry, followed by heavy industry and trade and consumer services .

Since the first competition the number of participants has doubled.

This year's competition "Pridnestrovian quality - 2013" features a new competition "top 10 consumer goods", where the jury serve the residents of the republic. Pridnestrovians are granted the opportunity to evaluate different designs and quality indicators and vote for the best of them. Voting was conducted as at special sites in the cities of the country, and on-line at the Chamber of Commerce.

Results of competition "Pridnestrovian quality - 2013" and "top 10 consumer goods" will be announced in a solemn ceremony in the small hall of the Palace of the Republic on 20 December.

Competition "Pridnestrovian quality" aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Pridnestrovian goods and services and to promote the best samples of domestic products in the domestic and foreign markets.


At Dubossary intersection of the Poltava motorway there was held a meeting in memory of Pridnestrovie defenders killed during the armed conflict between Moldova and Pridnestrovie.

In December 1991, the situation around Dubossary become so tense that it was decided to reinforce the traffic police posts at the city entrances with guards and workers' teams promoting police. On that fateful night, when Moldova riot police once again decided to seize Dubossary Rybnitsa guards and Dubossary exploration company workers were on duty. And they took the fire. Guys defended to the last round, but the forces were unequal. Three of them died. 16 were injured.

As a result of the attempts of the Moldova riot police to break through and capture the city, two guardsmen and one employee of Dubossary traffic police were killed and two civilian people were injured. Since then, every year citizens and residents come from all over the country come to the scene to commemorate the dead and once again recall the events of those years.

In memory of the heroism of the city defenders, who thwarted the police attack with their lives, at the site of the tragic event there was set up a stele, picturing Alexander Patergin, Vladimir Shcherbaty and Yuri Tsurkan.

Participants of the rally commemorated the dead with a minute of silence and laid at the memorial stele flowers and wreaths.


Pridnestrovie commemorated the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. The country today is home to 711 disaster relief workers and former residents of Chernobyl.

The tragedy at the Chernobyl reactor caused enormous damage to the health of residents and Chernobyl first responders. People get pensions, enjoy various privileges.

In addition to state aid the victims of the disaster are supported by neighboring countries, the chairman of the public organization "Chernobyl" Victor Kibal.

Tiraspol society "Chernobyl" plans to build a monument in honor of the Chernobyl first responders in 1986. But this requires the support of the government, Tiraspol State Administration, and all who honor the heroes of that invisible war, added Victor Kibal.


The orchestra of the General Staff of the Defence Ministry presented a New Year's gift to Pridnestrovians and guests of the republic. The Palace of the Republic hosted a concert "Christmas divertissement."

The hall of the Palace of the Republic was again full of spectators. According to the chief military conductor Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Voinov, this concert is a Christmas gift for all music lovers.

According to the chief conductor of the orchestra, the concert was organized for several reasons. First, at the concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the orchestra of the General Staff of the Defence Ministry, the hall was full, and many viewers could not visit it, so the orchestra fulfilled their promise to repeat the concert. "Secondly, we want to wish a happy New Year to all Pridnestrovians," said Vitaly Voinov.

Despite promises to repeat the Jubilee concert, the program featured other compositions. Thus, on March 3, the the audience was presented a completely new product. The program has turned lyric. The orchestra performed at the listeners' request three numbers, in particular, the Waltz "My Sweet and Tender Beast" by Evgeny Doga and the music from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean."

The love story compositions, as well as the well-known music from the movie "Titanic," made the evening especially romantic. "This time, we decided to perform the music of different genres: classical, jazz, disco, folklore, French music. We tried to include in the program of all genres loved by our audience and popular in Pridnestrovie," said Vitaly Voinov.

The concert ended with the song by Andrei Makarevich "Good Luck", performed by the orchestra of the General Staff of the Defence Ministry and all its soloists.

Talking about future plans, the conductor expressed a desire to give the audience a Christmas concert. The artists will prepare for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and the 25th anniversary of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.


Tiraspolian Vyacheslav Avramoglo is preparing for the semi-finals of the TV project "Minute of Fame".

The Pridnestrovian choreographer has returned home after a successful performance in the qualifying round of the TV project. He participated the 12th qualifying round.

TV-project "Minute of Fame" on the First Channel is a show famous and beloved by many. Completely different people with unusual numbers seek to get there. And now we know for sure if you're a real talent, any scene will take you. Vyacheslav Avramoglo is a young choreographer who has adequately presented themselves and their city on the Moscow stage.

There was more than a hundred participants in the last qualifying round of the show "Minute of Fame". According to Vyacheslav, backstage mood was tense, and there was something to see at the scene. All the teams have tried to show themselves with the best hand and get the approval of the jury.

The judges were delighted, ovation and cheers "Bravo" could be heard everywhere. Despite the excitement, Slava has captured the hearts of viewers.

All Pridnestrovie is happy of Vyacheslav. His parents, close friends and, of course, his disciples, rooted for him. After all, Slava is a coach in this art form. All are looking forward to the semi-finals and the new number, where he will be himself, and the music will be his favorite.

The Netherlands, Germany and Poland have applauded him. Spectators was delighted to watch his performance in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and even in China. And now all Pridnestrovie wishes him successful performance at the project "Minute of Fame" and, of course, victory.


The First Pridnestrovian TV channel started a campaign for children "Paint! Participate! Create!" as part of the creative campaign called "Create your TV!". The main channel of the republic invites young Pridnestrovians to actively participate in the campaign.

Entries will be accepted until 10 January 2014. Then a competent jury of artists and employees will select the channel the best of them.

The outcome of the campaign will be an exhibition of drawings. All participants will receive diplomas. And the winner will be presented with a tour of the TV channel and an opportunity to try himself as a news anchor.


The capital of Pridnestrovie hosted the XX anniversary tournament in honor of the founders of the Tiraspol Boxing Shustov and Dadiani.

In this year's commemoration of Vyacheslav Shustov and Dmitry Dadiani in the metropolitan school wrestling and boxing there participated 65 boxers from Pridnestrovie, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, South Ossetia, Gagauzia, and Moldova.

Master of Sports in boxing, the director of Tiraspol Children-Youthful Sports School of Olympic Reserve wrestling and boxing Victor Kitsul has said that this year has been successful for the boxing department in all senses. Athletes did well at the Universiade in Kazan, World and European Championships, and in the Championship of Moldova our athletes in five of the ten weight categories went to the final and took three gold.

In the final nine weight classes at the tournament in memory of Rostislav Shustov and Dmitry Dadiani there participated six Pridnestrovians. Among the lightweights (49 kilograms) in the Bendery - Tiraspol competition Artem Rozlovan conceded to a representative a the metropolitan school Dmitry Sukhodolsky.

In the category of 56 kilos there took place an improvised mini-match Pridnestrovie-Azerbaijan. Alexander Usatenko defeated Mukasib Mamedov, and Valery Kyrma was defeated by Murad Aliyev.