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О нашем радио

Выход «Радио Приднестровья» в большой эфир всколыхнул коллег-журналистов из разных стран мира. По визитным карточкам приезжавших можно было изучать географию не только Европы, но и других континентов: Франция, Германия, Италия, Швеция, Англия, Греция, Израиль и даже Австралия.

Всех заинтересовала проблема Приднестровья. Их уже не удовлетворяло одностороннее (кишиневское) объяснение возникшей проблемы.

Журналисты искали встреч с государственными и общественными деятелями республики. И, конечно, зарубежных журналистов интересовало, как работают их коллеги на приднестровском радио, удостоенном глушения со стороны противника. (Этим, кстати, в свое время весьма гордились «Голос Америки» и «Радио Свобода»).

Опыт общения с иностранными журналистами в начале 1990-х подсказал необходимость создания на «Радио Приднестровья», помимо редакций вещания на официальных языках государства - русском, украинском и молдавском, редакции вещания на иностранных языках.

В настоящее время вещание государственного радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики осуществляется на 6-ти языках:

- в FM-диапазоне - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках;

- в СВ-диапазоне - на русском языке;

- в КВ-диапазоне - на русском, английском, немецком и французском языках;

- on-line трансляция в Интернете - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках.

В редакцию "Радио Приднестровья" приходят письма от слушателей из самых разных уголков мира: от наших ближайших соседей - Украины, Молдовы, Белоруссии и России - до таких отдаленных стран, как Великобритания, США, Канада, Япония, Австралия, Новая Зеландия, Китай, Бразилия, Венесуэла, Чили, Мексика, Индия, Нигерия, Алжир и др. Всего (на сегодняшний день) из 45-и стран мира.

Коллектив радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики благодарен всем своим слушателям за внимание и отзывы о нашей работе.

Слушайте "Радио Приднестровья" - мы работаем для Вас!

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News from Pridnestrovie


Moldova's initialling of the agreement with the EU may adversely affect the Pridnestrovian enterprises was the topic of discussion of experts, members of the Government and MPs headed by the President. The most urgent question was how Pridnestrovian enterprises will work with western partners after Moldova's joining the free trade zone with the European Union. Experts have considered various options. One of them was the conclusion of a tripartite agreement between Pridnestrovie, Moldova and the EU. Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry has put forward the same initiative.

At the meeting there was noted: Pridnestrovian industry today is in a difficult situation. 38 enterprises are operating at a loss.

Hence, one of the main objectives is attracting investments for modernization and upgrading of enterprises. And here is the paradox: the lack of those wiling to invest in Pridnestrovie.

Operation of businesses in crisis and tariff policy are specific topics for discussion. How can we help producers and keep revenues at the same time? There were various proposals and opposing views. But they have agreed on one thing. Each individual plant or plant needs individual approach. The first step has already been made – the bill to conclude individual agreements with each company has already been submitted by the President to the Supreme Soviet.

Under current conditions, they are betting on increased cooperation with their main partner - Russia. In late October, Yevgeny Shevchuk and Dmitry Rogozin signed a joint protocol. It envisages the possibility of participation of Pridnestrovian enterprises in public procurement and state procurement programs in Russia. Now we have to fill the document with specific content. Namely, to develop a mechanism that will allow our industries to find their niche in the Russian market.

First of all, the President noted that the Pridnestrovian legislation should be reformed as part of building a unified legal framework with Russia and the Customs Union.

At the round table they said that one needs to develop a specific road map for the implementation of the protocol "Rogozin - Shevchuk." One also has to work closely with the Russian side.

At the meeting focused on a consolidation of all efforts in the same direction. It is necessary to maintain the stability of the economy both in industry and in the non-manufacturing sector.

The President also drew attention to the fact that the leadership of the republic will continue to support state-owned enterprises. Most of them are increasing turnover, profit and tax payments to the state treasury and the number of people employed in manufacturing.

All proposals, voiced during the round table, will be accumulated in the Ministry of Economic Development. Based on them they are to work out an anti-crisis development program. This, according to the republic's leaders and experts, will help maintain stability in the social sector and ensure normal life of Pridnestrovians.


Budget law of Pridnestrovie successfully passed the second reading.

The budget deficit has not increased but reduced for the first time. If now it is almost 48 %, the next year it will be 39. The state will allocate 30% more on welfare payments.

But, according to representatives of the Government, aggregated indicators will enable one to promptly allocate funds to those needs where funding is needed urgently. This is particularly important, for example, in order to eliminate major accidents in the utilities system. If this happens, it can be addressed as soon as possible, with the help of the Government.


Since 2014 Dnestrovsk - Tiraspol's satellite town - will live on a budget, while the transition period may last until February. Head of State Administration of Pridnestrovian capital Andrew Bezbabchenko said that in the new year Dnestrovsk, as a separate administrative unit, will have autonomy and will no longer depend on Tiraspol.

"During the transition period one will have to solve a number of complex issues to make sure the town lives stably," said the head of the State Administration.

Head of Tiraspol Financial Department Nadezhda Kotelnaya said that among the issues are attracting professional staff to ensure the financial work of the town of Dnestrovsk.

The meeting noted that the satellite city will need to develop a system of law enforcement.

The plans on the formation of Dnestrovsk budget became known a year ago. It was assumed that two-thirds of revenues will be provided by Moldavian HEPS, the remainder of the funds will be charged by local small and medium businesses. It is expected that the budget of Dnestrovsk will be socially oriented. Funds will be used for salaries of public sector employees, as well as the town program, in particular, for landscaping.


Pridnestrovie is implementing the project "Youth government."

One of the initiators of the idea is "Young Commonwealth." The developers the project's concept focused on the experience of Russian cities, where the youth government has long been working successfully.

According to the Deputy Head of the President for Domestic Policy, Maria Redekop, Youth Government will become a consultative and advisory body of the Government of the Republic. The project aims to increase the involvement of youth in decision-making process in their active participation in social and economic life of the state.

Such an advisory body will work in the country for the first time. Youth government will consist of students as well as representatives of youth organizations. The founders hope that the youth government will become a professional staff forgery and a good platform for the realization of youth's active citizenship.

Head of State supported the initiative of the young. Now all the necessary documents are to be considered by senior colleagues – the eGovernment of the Republic.


Pridnestrovie has been included in the program "Safe motherhood", which is implemented by the World Health Organization in Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and the Serbian province of Kosovo.

This was announced during the scientific-practical conference on the problem of security of pregnancy and childbirth, which was held in the Pridnestrovian State University named after Tras Grigorievich Shevchenko. It was initiated by the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Pridnestrovie.

Experts from the World Health Organization in November this year monitored the performance of a number of maternity homes and get acquainted with the process of obstetric care in Pridnestrovie. "Documents that we follow, were approved. Now WHO wishes to adapt our work to European rules and regulations," said the chief doctor of the National Center for Maternal and Child Natalia Slepukha.

She added that this year's conference was preceded by a similar forum in Yerevan. Pridnestrovians visited it for the first time.


The Pridnestrovian town of Slobodzeya has completed reconstruction of the monument to soldiers-veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

February 15 will mark the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

The Soviet troops were in Afghanistan for nine years, one month and 19 days. More than 2 thousand Pridnestrovian soldiers experienced all the horrors of that war.

Among them were young guys of Slobodzeya district. In their honor at the Memorial of Glory there were erected a marble slab. "Glory to the sons of the Fatherland" is not just a label, it's memory.

Shells and plaques have been here for a long time, since 1993. Now this sacred place has a marble slab. After the ceremony, representatives of the state administration, public organizations, the Afghan war vets and residents laid flowers to the monument in recognition of the courage and honor.

All the people who participated in the reconstruction of the monument were awarded letters of thanks and certificates.

More than 200 residents Slobodzeya district took part in the Afghan war, 8 of them died. The names of these famous heroes were immortalized on commemorative plates.


Metropolitan residents and visitors were lucky enough to attend a concert of indigenous North Americans who performed at the City Palace of Culture in Tiraspol.

"Native Pride Dancers" team toured across Moldova and Pridnestrovie. The ensemble was formed in 2003 and its main purpose is to familiarize the audience with the Indian culture.

The team of five people representing tribes Meskwaki, Navajo, Utah, Northern Arapaho, Eastern Shoshone Nation and Apsaalooke. The event was organized by the U.S. Embassy in Moldova as a tribute to Native American culture.

The team leader, the representative of the tribe Meskwaki, Larry Yazzie, told us about the purpose of their arrival.

"Our main mission is to educate, inspire, motivate through our traditional dances and songs. Promoting our culture, we also have another mission - to destroy some of the stereotypes that have been created by Hollywood movies, cartoons, books, fiction."

The powwow with the students of the Pridnestrovian State University began with openly politicized speech by the deputy chief of the department of culture and media at the U.S. Embassy in Moldova Brand Izraelsen.

"Besides the fact that they came to share their culture, traditions, we also want to draw your attention to the rights of minorities, as well as the importance of cultural diversity. The U.S., and probably any other country becomes stronger and stronger when they accept their diversity, and not vice versa."

It is very strange that the deputy chief of the department of culture and the press does not know or does not notice that Pridnestrovie is a multicultural country, and that we can give the U.S. a head start in this regard. Speaking of culture, the diplomat recalled minorities. We all know the "perfect" American experience of respect for the cultural values of Native Americans - the creation of reservations whence Indians are forcibly displaced from villages in which they lived for many years. The audience received a positive response to the question of the existence of Indian reservations today. Larry Yazzie told the story of his tribe.

"I come from an Indian village of Meskwaki. You know that the U.S. government passed a law on the relocation of the indigenous peoples to the so-called reservation. But there is an exception - one tribe - the tribe Meskwaki. We stood by the head of the American state, they were trying to drive us into the territory of Oklahoma, but our ancestors survived and remained in their native land in Iowa. In 1856 we were able to buy the first 80 acres of land. And today we are proud that we have land ownership."

Every word, every movement of artists were welcomed by endless applauses.

The dancers explained the meaning dances, the legends that originated them. National costumes, decorated with beads and feathers, Indian motifs made the show vivid and memorable.

At the end of the show the Native Americans held a master class with the audience. Everyone could get up on stage and dance to the rhythm of the drum of North American Indians.

After the concert, the audience rushed to the photo and autograph session with the "Native Pride Dancers."

The show was first held in the country. Everyone who was at the concert, learned something new about the cultural heritage of Native Americans and saw people who honor their traditions and are proud of their ancestors. In today's world it is worthy of respect and reverence.


Dancer from Pridnestrovie Vyacheslav Avramoglo took part in the popular Russian TV show "Minute of Fame". The TV project jury praised the work of the Pridnestrovians.

Internet users have already compared Vyacheslav's dance image with the fate of Pridnestrovie. The main idea of the number is the unwillingness to be driven by inertia and live like everyone else.

Now Vyacheslav Avramoglo is one step closer to another victory. The Pridnestrovian dancer went to the semifinals of the TV project "Minute of Fame". We will monitor the performances of our compatriot in Russia.

Recall that in 2010, Pridnestrovians natives of Pervomaisk Alexander and Sergei Grinchenko also won the contest. The brothers throughout the project showed spectacular and complex acrobatic tricks. In the final presentation they performed a headstand trick that no one can emulate.


Athlete of the Pridnestrovian town of Dubossary Nikolay Iov won the gold medal at the championship in Tampere (Finland). It also became known that the Dubossarian defended the world champion title for the fifth time, having won the second medal of the highest standard, with the sum in the power triathlon, almost 6 times exceeding his own weight.

Dubossary athlete Zinaida Iov, the coach and teacher of Dubossary junior sports school № 2 competed in the women's age group M-1 for the Ukrainian team. Zinaida Iov also managed to take the "gold" and won the title of a two-time world champion in 2013 in the light weight category.