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О нашем радио

Выход «Радио Приднестровья» в большой эфир всколыхнул коллег-журналистов из разных стран мира. По визитным карточкам приезжавших можно было изучать географию не только Европы, но и других континентов: Франция, Германия, Италия, Швеция, Англия, Греция, Израиль и даже Австралия.

Всех заинтересовала проблема Приднестровья. Их уже не удовлетворяло одностороннее (кишиневское) объяснение возникшей проблемы.

Журналисты искали встреч с государственными и общественными деятелями республики. И, конечно, зарубежных журналистов интересовало, как работают их коллеги на приднестровском радио, удостоенном глушения со стороны противника. (Этим, кстати, в свое время весьма гордились «Голос Америки» и «Радио Свобода»).

Опыт общения с иностранными журналистами в начале 1990-х подсказал необходимость создания на «Радио Приднестровья», помимо редакций вещания на официальных языках государства - русском, украинском и молдавском, редакции вещания на иностранных языках.

В настоящее время вещание государственного радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики осуществляется на 6-ти языках:

- в FM-диапазоне - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках;

- в СВ-диапазоне - на русском языке;

- в КВ-диапазоне - на русском, английском, немецком и французском языках;

- on-line трансляция в Интернете - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках.

В редакцию "Радио Приднестровья" приходят письма от слушателей из самых разных уголков мира: от наших ближайших соседей - Украины, Молдовы, Белоруссии и России - до таких отдаленных стран, как Великобритания, США, Канада, Япония, Австралия, Новая Зеландия, Китай, Бразилия, Венесуэла, Чили, Мексика, Индия, Нигерия, Алжир и др. Всего (на сегодняшний день) из 45-и стран мира.

Коллектив радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики благодарен всем своим слушателям за внимание и отзывы о нашей работе.

Слушайте "Радио Приднестровья" - мы работаем для Вас!

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News from Pridnestrovie


Moscow hosted a roundtable discussion "The Pridnestrovian conflict: myths and reality, ways to overcome." The forum was held by the Federation of Peace and Accord, with the support of International Cultural and Educational Project "Through culture—to peace and harmony of nations." The roundtable was attended by deputies of the State Duma, representatives of Russian funds, expert and scientific community in Russia, representatives of public organizations of Pridnestrovie and Russia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our Republic was represented by Deputy Minister Igor Schornikov.

The main theme of the forum is the upcoming Vilnius summit of "Eastern Partnership", challenges and threats to Pridnestrovie's and Russia's interests on the Dniester. According to experts, the Vilnius summit, despite the suspension by Ukraine of Association Agreement with the EU, can become a "point of no return" after which participation of Moldova and Ukraine in the formation of the Eurasian Union would be impossible. Pridnestrovie, by virtue of its position, has become a hostage of this situation. However, the people of Pridnestrovie in a referendum in 2006 opted for the course of independence and subsequent free association with Russia and Tiraspol formally declares its desire to join the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and intention to take part in the formation of the Eurasian Union as a full member. In these circumstances, the unrecognized Pridnestrovie becomes a factor blocking implementation of the will of the people of Pridnestrovie, and, in the event of Moldova and Ukraine's joining the free trade zone with the EU, the probable cause of socio- economic collapse in the country.

This situation has caused concern anog NGOs in Pridnestrovie, which in the first half of 2013 issued a petition demanding "Recognition of Pridnestrovie!". On June 30, 2013 Tiraspol hosted the Republican Conference voluntary associations, during which representatives of 168 organizations signed the Declaration appealing to the leaders of the guarantor countries of Russia and Ukraine - Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych, as well as to the leadership of the UN and asking to recognize the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Igor Schornikov noted that in recent years the situation around Pridnestrovie has "unfrozen". Since 2005, on the borders with Ukraine and Moldova Pridnestrovie there works EUBAM Mission, which is an instrument of EU influence. In 2008, EU policy was strengthened by the program "Eastern Partnership", which has enabled one to make a pro-European policy of Kishinev and Kiev more consistent. Vilnius summit will be the result of almost a decade of EU efforts to prevent the integration of Ukraine and Moldova and Russia. However, the diplomat expressed the view that the summit in Vilnius opens new opportunities for enhancing cooperation between Russia and Pridnestrovie. Igor Schornikov suggested that the processes that will develop in the economies of Moldova and Ukraine will not contribute to regional stability. In this situation, it may be that Pridnestrovie will serve as the fulcrum through which Russia will be able to protect their interests.

According to him, the Moldavian-Pridnestrovian conflict will be resolved when Pridnestrovie joins the socio-cultural and politico-economic space of Russia. This course provides a chance for Eurasian integration. Pridnestrovie is able to implement it in the case of "civilized divorce" with Moldova.

According to the famous writer Xenia Myalo representing Moldavian-Pridnestrovian fraternity, Russia already had many chances to recognize Pridnestrovie is 1990, when, in accordance with the norms of international law and the acting Soviet Constitution the PMSSR was created. The refusal of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to recognize Pridnestrovie was, in her opinion, unconstitutional. Chances were not used in 1992, when Pridnestrovie was subjected to Moldova's aggression, in 2003, when the Kozak Memorandum was thwarted, in 2006 - after the referendum in Pridnestrovie, as well as in 2008 - along with South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Pridnestrovie has all the legal grounds for the recognition, and Russia must correct her mistake, because the longer the issue of recognition is delayed, the greater threats Pridnestrovians rights are exposed to, most of them - the citizens of Russia.

President of the Association of Law Schools of Russia Sergei Baburin drew attention of the forum to the fact that one can consider Pridnestrovie a recognized state since 1997, when they signed a Memorandum "On the basis of normalization of relations between Moldova and Pridnestrovie." The document featured Pridnestrovie along with Moldova as "the parties". After the signing of the Memorandum, the issue is not recognition but rather the establishment of diplomatic relations. Sergei Baburin condemned Moldova's aspirations to extend its jurisdiction to Pridnestrovie.

Coordinator of the factional parliamentary group of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on cooperation with the Supreme Soviet of Pridnestrovie Sergey Gavrilov said that Pridnestrovie has a self-contained mechanism of the statehood, noting that "the authorities in the country are legitimate." He supported the Eurasian vector in Pridnestrovie's foreign policy, noting that the interests of the people of Pridnestrovie can be ensured in a more intimate interaction with Russia. According to him, the recognition of the independence of Pridnestrovie will contribute to defusing tensions in the region, which corresponds to the geopolitical interests of Moldova. "Russia can help Moldova in maintaining its position in the Customs Union, strengthening cooperation on the economic level," said the deputy. He stressed that if the blockade of Pridnestrovie after Vilnius skyrockets, Russia will have to respond quickly to the deteriorating situation and accelerate the process of recognition.

The roundtable also discussed issues of strengthening the work of the media in covering the integration processes in Eurasia and collaboration capabilities of civil society in both countries to support the integration.

At the end of the forum, representatives of public organizations Pridnestrovie handed Victor Kamishanov Declaration "For recognition of Pridnestrovie!" signed by representatives of the Pridnestrovian NGOs and the application to the presidents of Russia and Ukraine and to the leadership of the United Nations for transmission to recipients.

Participants of the forum adopted a resolution in support of the recognition of independence of Pridnestrovie.


President Yevgeny Shevchuk signed a decree "On approval of the State Strategy for the economic security of Pridnestrovie". The legal act is aimed at countering threats and strengthening the economic security of the country.

The purpose of the Strategy is to ensure the development of the economy, which will create favorable conditions for life and personality development, socio-economic and political stability of society and the preservation of the integrity of the republic, successfully confront the influence of internal and external threats.

Among the main priorities of the economic security of the country, the document spells out the need to improve the quality of life, economic growth through the development of innovative industries and investment in human capital, the conditions for attracting investments, sustainable operation and development of small and medium enterprises, the agricultural sector, reducing the budget deficit, stimulating the creation of new jobs. One of the key priorities of the economic security of the country is the intensification of cooperation with Member States and regions, outside the Customs Union.

State economic security strategy also involves the development of a series of measures and mechanisms aimed at improving the economy of the republic. Recall, for this purpose the Government has crafted and approved a plan for an accelerated modernization of the socio-economic sphere "Plan-2500." This document provides, in particular, structural modernization (reform of administrative functions of the state), the modernization of the economy and the humanitarian sphere, and territorial management.

Implementation of the State Strategy for economic security will be achieved by consolidating the efforts and resources of state authorities, civil society institutions.

According to the signed Decree, annually, not later than February 1, Secretary of the Security Council shall submit a report on the state of economic security and measures to strengthen it at the meeting of the Security Council. Preparation of this document will be implemented jointly with the Prime Minister, the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank and several public authorities.


Pridnestrovian President Yevgeny Shevchuk signed a decree on granting the Pridnestrovian citizenship to 122 people, including 98 citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Among the new citizens are citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Armenia and other countries.

Pridnestrovie is a state not recognized by the international community. Pridnestrovian citizenship has been automatically acquired by the citizens of the former Soviet Union, who by the time of the formation of the republic (September 2, 1990) had permanent residence in its territory. It is also given to all children born here. Foreign nationals may acquire citizenship of Pridnestrovie on the grounds provided by the Constitutional Law "On Citizenship".

Pridnestrovian citizen may have the citizenship of another state, i.e. dual citizenship.


Prime Minister of Pridnestrovie Tatiana Turanskaya acquainted with the results of the ombudsman's activities.

During the last meeting they discussed the results of the activities of the ombudsman and his staff during the reporting period. Vasily Kalko submitted an annual report, which reflected all relevant and exciting challenges of the society in terms of protection the rights of citizens in the country.

Among them are questions that arise in the provision of services to citizens of Pridnestrovie - registration statement, ensuring the medications necessary for privileged categories of the population in the area of economic and social relationships.

Vasily Kalko expressed satisfaction with a clear working relationship that has developed between the public authorities of our republics and the ombudsman.

Tatiana Turanskaya, in turn, noted that in addressing the problems it shall be used only objective approach, as the ombudsman institution is an important tool for monitoring compliance with existing legislation and its improvement.


The Ministry of Education of Pridnestrovie discussed State Youth Policy Strategy. The document is intended for 2014-2020.

The Strategy envisages a wide range of activities. Its main objective is to unite public and private resources to improve the effectiveness of the system of youth policy of Pridnestrovie.

It features a number of projects, including the project of "The Road of Good", aimed at the development and promotion of tolerance among young people, providing assistance to people who find themselves in difficult situations.

In addition to the State Youth Policy Strategy includes the project "Citizen", "Tomorrow begins today." In the cities and districts of Pridnestrovie it is planned to create centers for youth work. The project "Young Family " will be implemented based on two basic documents – the Concept of spiritual and moral upbringing and education of children and the Concept of youth of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Another project included in the Strategy is a project called "success in your hands." It is aimed at young people's self-employment and economic activity.

The project was developed as part of one of the orders given by the President of Pridnestrovie Yevgeny Shevchuk regarding increasing young people's interest in working professions.


For the first time Pridnestrovians have been granted the opportunity to get acquainted with the art by famous Lithuanian Art Photographers.

The gallery of Tiraspol Incorporated Museum opened an exhibition of photographs of the Lithuanian school "Steps." Black-and-white photos show children and old people, men and women who could be seen on the streets of Lithuania in the 60-70-es of the last century.

Each picture is a new story and new emotions, but what they have in common is the sincerity and warmth that are felt in every shot. Many of these photos in different years were recognized the best and won prizes at international exhibitions and competitions.

According to the Lithuanian Ambassador Violeta Motulayte, it is quite difficult to arrange exhibitions in Pridnestrovie, as there is no direct communication between Vilnius and Tiraspol. She expressed the hope that such cultural cooperation will continue in the future.

The exhibition "Steps" will last until December 15.


The campaign "Letters to Ded Moroz" kicked off in Pridnestrovie, on December 1. For the fourth time in the country this event for children is carried out by SUE "Mail Pridnestrovie".

According to experts, on the eve of New Year Ded Moroz receives kids' messages, and every year the number of emails is increasing.

In their letters, the guys need to show imagination and creativity: it may be poetry, and prose. Letters can be funny, containing a wish for Deed Moroz.

The main rule is the letter must conform to the standards of the epistolary genre, and to be properly executed.

The campaign will last for two weeks, so the organizers are already calling for children to begin writing their letters. Messages to Ded Moroz can be sent until 15 December inclusive. The envelope should definitely specify exactly who the letter is addressed to. According to the results of the charity event, winners will get gifts.