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О нашем радио

Выход «Радио Приднестровья» в большой эфир всколыхнул коллег-журналистов из разных стран мира. По визитным карточкам приезжавших можно было изучать географию не только Европы, но и других континентов: Франция, Германия, Италия, Швеция, Англия, Греция, Израиль и даже Австралия.

Всех заинтересовала проблема Приднестровья. Их уже не удовлетворяло одностороннее (кишиневское) объяснение возникшей проблемы.

Журналисты искали встреч с государственными и общественными деятелями республики. И, конечно, зарубежных журналистов интересовало, как работают их коллеги на приднестровском радио, удостоенном глушения со стороны противника. (Этим, кстати, в свое время весьма гордились «Голос Америки» и «Радио Свобода»).

Опыт общения с иностранными журналистами в начале 1990-х подсказал необходимость создания на «Радио Приднестровья», помимо редакций вещания на официальных языках государства - русском, украинском и молдавском, редакции вещания на иностранных языках.

В настоящее время вещание государственного радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики осуществляется на 6-ти языках:

- в FM-диапазоне - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках;

- в СВ-диапазоне - на русском языке;

- в КВ-диапазоне - на русском, английском, немецком и французском языках;

- on-line трансляция в Интернете - на русском, украинском и молдавском языках.

В редакцию "Радио Приднестровья" приходят письма от слушателей из самых разных уголков мира: от наших ближайших соседей - Украины, Молдовы, Белоруссии и России - до таких отдаленных стран, как Великобритания, США, Канада, Япония, Австралия, Новая Зеландия, Китай, Бразилия, Венесуэла, Чили, Мексика, Индия, Нигерия, Алжир и др. Всего (на сегодняшний день) из 45-и стран мира.

Коллектив радио Приднестровской Молдавской Республики благодарен всем своим слушателям за внимание и отзывы о нашей работе.

Слушайте "Радио Приднестровья" - мы работаем для Вас!

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News from Pridnestrovie


A UNICEF delegation in the Republic of Moldova headed by Nune Mangasaryan has paid a regular visit to Pridnestrovie.

Opening the discussion, the Head of Pridnestrovian MFA thanked the representatives of the delegation for a number of projects, jointly implemented in the area of perinatal medicine, and noted that cooperation of Pridnestrovie with UNICEF could solve a lot of problems:

"Today it's safe to say that this cooperation is really successful, and moreover it is very useful. Today, the cities and regions have advanced equipment, Pridnestrovian doctors are receiving topical, current knowledge in this area through close collaboration with UNICEF and other UN agencies. Of course, we are interested to expand this cooperation," said Nina Shtanski.

Pridnestrovie has been cooperating with UNICEF for more than 10 years. The purpose of the regular visit of its delegation was to discuss and implement a number of programs and initiatives aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development and life of children. Programs cover areas such as health, protection, custody and education of children, as well as issues related to the development of perinatal system, vaccination, immunization of children and pregnant women.

In order to control over how the parents care about their children, UNICEF, together with the Pridnestrovian side, has initiated the project "MIX" in which a household survey has been carried out in all the towns and districts of the republic. The purpose of the project is to provide complete information about the social, moral, psychological and physical condition of families, raising children up to 5 years. The survey is being held under strict supervision of the Ministry of Health, the State Service of Statistics and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. The test data will help identify the actual problems to be solved by international organizations.


A regular meeting of the parties to the Pridnestrovian settlement negotiations in the "5+2" format will be held in Kiev on November 25-26. This was stated in an interview with RIA Novosti by the OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier.

The Secretary General also expressed his hope that "the constructive atmosphere of high-level talks, taking into account the regularity of the previous meetings, will eventually, lead to progress on key issues such as freedom of movement between the two banks of the Dniester River."

Recall that Ukraine from January 1, 2013 has been chairing the OSCE, and the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Leonid Kozhara called the Pridnestrovian conflict settlement a priority of the presidency.

The meeting will take place on the eve of the expected signing by Ukraine and initialing by Moldova of an Association Agreement with the EU.


Signing by Ukraine and Moldova of the Association Agreement with the European Union, as well as the possible consequences of this step - the most discussed topic in Pridnestrovie - was the subject of a round table organized by the party of "Revival" in the Pridnestrovian city of Rybnitsa.

Changing the rules of the game in the European market raises risks for the Pridnestrovian economy, experts believe. Companies-exporters of our country may face a number of constraints, such as the requirements of additional phytosanitary and veterinary control documents, as well as the European quality certificate.

According to last year's data, exports of Pridnestrovian enterprises in EU countries amounted to nearly one-third of the total volume of exported goods. The largest exporters - business giants - are the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, Tiroteks and Moldavian HEPS. Their activities in the first place, may be affected by the forthcoming signing of the agreement.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Pridnestrovie, Boris Pan'ko, Europe first need markets. The territory of Moldova and Ukraine is considered primarily as an opportunity to market their goods. The second is the use of cheap labor. Accordingly, some agricultural sectors or individual areas of industry will be destroyed and cease to exist, as there are serious producers who will imported into these countries a large number of cheap products.

Pridnestrovian experts are concerned with the fact that the text of the agreement is still hidden. Experts say, there are many scenarios. No one knows what ill happen to Pridnestrovie. However, the authorities of the republic are already taking measures to minimize the negative effects. The "Revival" activists and party leadership have decided to outreach to the people. In the near future they will tour other cities and districts of Pridnestrovie conducting similar events.


Vilnius summit of the Eastern Partnership and its implications were also discussed in Dubossary. Dubossary public figures expect the worst and encourage citizens to unite and to demand recognition.

The talks about the Vilnius summit brought together at the round table representatives of all social organizations of Dubossary. Even those who, until recently, have been on different sides of the barricades, this day have become associates. The purpose of the meeting is to analyze the consequences of signing the agreements between Ukraine, Moldova and the European Union and to develop a plan of action and Pridnestrovie.

According to Dubossary volunteers, one must continue to demand recognition of the republic. And to send people's applications to all instances where they are able to hear Pridnestrovians.

There were lots of proposals at the round table, from a national referendum and prayer service for the recognition of Pridnestrovie to closing of all foreign non-governmental organizations that have already been educating the Pridnestrovian youth in the spirit of European integration. But the most important thing is not to remain silent.

Social activists are suggesting convening the national Gathering of all residents of the city and the district in an anticipation of the summit, to voice the requirements and to distribute them among all the countries-guarantors of the "5+2" format, the EU and to state that Pridnestrovie should be the sovereign and recognized by the state.

"The opinion of the people is as follows: we are for Russia, the Eurasian integration, the customs union. Definitely we have to be together. And the fact that we have to be friends with the European Union, well, no one rejects it. We must make friends with the neighbors," says Sergey Dem'yanov, Chairman of the Public Council of Dubossary district.

The social activists are going to hold People's Assembly next week. And before that, they plan to meet with the employees of the district enterprises.


The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic has been holding the campaign to raise funds for the flood-affected residents of the Far East.

Within a month, concerned citizens have had the opportunity to send funds to those affected by the disaster to an account in "Combat Brotherhood of Pridnestrovie". The NGO Chairman Ivan Filippov marked active participation in the campaign of urban residents of Rybnitsa, Bendery and Kamenka.

Ivan Filippov expressed special gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Administration of the President of Pridnestrovie for helping to organize fundraising.

Dependent agencies of the Ministry of Health of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic have collected and transferred funds to help those affected by the floods.

Pridnestrovian troops have also participated in fundraising efforts. Pridnestrovian officers: "We, just like our compatriots in Russia, must not stay aloof of the disaster, which happened to people because of the elements."

In total, they have collected and transferred to a special account funds in the amount of 683,404 rubles of the PMR (about $ 62,000). The fund-raising campaign to help those affected by the disaster continues to this day.


Between 11 and 20 November Pridnestrovie is to host "socially significant, cultural, educational, sporting and entertainment events" within the Ten days of Youth and Students.

The order of the Republican MOE has approved the program of the Ten days, which includes workshops, a student conference, a poster contest, charity concerts, and the campaigns "It's great to live healthy! We choose the sport," "World without profanity," "Gift of Life," and others.

In the afternoon of November 15 there will be held a one-time Republican campaign "My street, my city, my Republic!" dedicated to the protection of the environment, respect for the native land. As part of this campaign young people will be busy in planting the streets, parks, and recreation areas. The most active participants will receive diplomas.

The MOE order also states that the quota of participants of the grand opening of the decade will be 485 people - pupils and students of educational institutions.


In Pridnestrovie, in the village of Dubossary district, Doybany there have been set up new monuments of military glory, whose grand opening is to be held in April 2014.

One of the monuments was built in the cemetery of the village Doybany-2, on the site of the mass grave, where there are buried more than 80 unknown soldiers who died in the bloody battles of the liberation of the village, from 3 to 11 April 1944. The second at the place of execution of civilians.

Next year we plan to install a plate containing the names of soldiers, as well as to repair the cemetery fence. So far, we have learned only one name of a warrior-liberator – Grigory Prisyazhny, a native of the village of Tsvetna, Elizabethan district, Kirovograd oblast (Ukraine). His daughter Elena Grigorievna now lives in Kostroma (Russia). She liaises with the village council and continues to search for the names of other participants of the fighting in Russian archives.

Another monument to those killed in 1941 during the onset of the German-Romanian occupation at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War is set on the road to the place of execution of local residents - 12 Jews (families with children) and 22 activists of the village, whom the Nazis suspected in the active help of the partisans.

The monument, erected in 1965 on the site of the tragic events, is outdated and dilapidated, so it was decided to build a new one.

The grand opening of the two sites will be held in April 2014, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the village from the German- Romanian invaders.


The opening of the memorial will be held also in the Pridnestrovian town of Slobodzeya.

The initiators of the construction of the monument to soldiers killed in Afghanistan were public organization "Combat Brotherhood" and "Union of the paratroopers" of Slobodzeya district.

According to the chairman of public organization "Combat Brotherhood" and "Union of the paratroopers” of Slobodzeya district Yuri Baboy, "Pridnestrovians must not forget those who served outside of our country," so it was decided to erect a monument to those fallen in Afghanistan.

Within a week there is to be completed all work on the installation of the monument and preparation of a program of activities of the opening of a memorial complex.

They plan to memorialize the Pridnestrovians who died in the war in Afghanistan in other cities Pridnestrovie. According to the chairman of the Pridnestrovian Afghanistan war veterans association Mikhail Katkov, by February 15, 2014, marking the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the plaques are to be installed in all schools, where the deceased Afghan veterans used to study.


From 8 to 12 November the cinema complex "Tiraspol" in the Pridnestrovian capital will host a festival of Swedish cinema. Each evening, films by Swedish authors that were released in theaters in 2011 - 2012 will be screened free of charge.

It is learned that the director of the festival's opener— a touching drama "I miss you" Anders Grenros will arrive in Tiraspol on November 8 to participate in the ceremony of the presentation of the event.

Pridnestrovian lovers of Swedish cinema will also be able to see the documentary "Palme", the comedy "Cockpit", and the drama "Happy End." The drama "Stockholm East" will wrap up the festival.

The organizers of the festival - the Swedish Embassy in Moldova and the Swedish Institute - hope that the event will help Pridnestrovians get to know the culture and art of this Scandinavian country.


The Bendery cultural and entertainment center "Equator" hosted the International Meet on the WAKO Kickboxing, the division K-1 "Pridnestrovie vs CIS." 26 athletes from seven countries competed on the ring under the rules of professional kickboxing. The format "K-1" has for a long time been deservedly popular with viewers. It is minimum safety equipment, a lot of hard knocks, and the number of knockouts exceeding that in an amateur kickboxing.

According to the Head of Tiraspol Kickboxing Federation Sergey Afanasiev, the tournament is dedicated to the Day of militia and police officers killed in the line of duty.

Already the first bouts made it clear to numerous spectators in the hall that they had come not in vain.

Thai boxer from Odessa Denis Moysa sidelined the Champion of Moscow and the Moscow region Andrei Plyusnin, winning by TKO.

By the way, Odessa athletes showed a perfect result at the tournament, winning all three weight categories in which they competed.

But in the next bout, the victor was a guest from Russia, Vyacheslav Tolstunov.

The success of Tiraspolian, Alexander Ivanov, who won by TKO, was backed up by Nikita Levushkin and Vladislav Obruchkov, who overpowered their rivals in a sufficiently confident manner.

Meeting the champion of Azerbaijan Mir-Hussein Gochaev Vlad put an accent on his hands and did not lost.

In the final three matches two more winners were the Pridnestrovian fighters. This allowed them to win the match meeting with a minimum 7:6 advantage.

Sergey Afanasiev said that in late November he will compete in the kickboxing Championship of Moldova. The following year, our atheletes will perform at the World and European Championships.